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How to Write a Killer Cover Letter

You’ve found the perfect job, your resume is ready to go, but there’s one last thing on your to-do list: the dreaded cover letter. While it might seem easy to write a one-page letter touting your strengths, many job seekers struggle to understand what, exactly, an employer is looking for and how to translate that into a couple of paragraphs. Cover letters

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How Recruiters Should Think Like Marketers

Recruiters who think like marketers have the edge in today’s candidate-driven talent market. That’s the belief at the core of recruitment marketing, the practice of developing and communicating a value proposition to job candidates in the same way marketers do to customers. Customer-journey mapping is a proven practice in the marketing field, and recruiters can adopt the same approach to map their candidate experiences.

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How to Prove Your Leadership Skills on Your Resume

It is usually fairly easy to showcase your qualifications and hard skills on a resume, but demonstrating your soft skills can be quite a challenge. This is especially true in the case of leadership skills: It’s easy to say you have them, but it’s much more difficult to prove you do. Demonstrating your leadership skills is essential to landing many roles, especially

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10 Things You Should Include To Make A Killer Resume

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